Love Beyond 22 Yards

Bolywood: a glamorous world full of romance and drama…

Cricket: an aspiring world full of heroes and their achievements…

And when these 2 religions of India unite, they create no less than pure magic! Through the years, there have been many stories of the heroes of Cricket legend falling in love with the silver screen beauties. But these stories have not all been like a bed of roses. The brave lovers have fought against many odds and have come above media criticism, family issues, career goals and religion differences.


Well, love knows no bounds, does it? Sourabh Mukherjee has beautifully collated these short biographies in ‘Love Beyond 22 Yards’ and they are worth reading! We might have read these stories in gossip columns but the way the relationships are described here are truly moving. My favorite story is of the hero Azharuddin and his controversial relationship with Sangeeta Bijlani. When life gave them lemons, they stood together and fought them. Their love is really inspiring.

It is a very small and light book, a lazy Sunday afternoon read. More stories would have been even better. 😊 Overall, ‘Love Beyond 22 Yards’ is a very insightful and inspiring read!


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